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Friday, May 8, 2009

Bob Dylan is mildly autistic

I watched part II of Martin Scorsese's documentary on Bob
Dylan:No Direction Home. I must say that it was well done. Scorsese did an excellent job.

Bob Dylan and his autistic world

Having watched that documentary, it seems Bob Dylan is mildly autistic (How come? Looking at that film, though Bob was entirely comfortable communicating via the channel his autism enthused him toward, he seemed to embrace messages from the outside world only if he could apply them to his autistic world. He seemed to understand why the words were put into his songs and poetry, but he did not see any need to explain why he put them there.

See here a documentary about Asperger Syndrome and see if bob's
Autism  if it could really be true.
Dylan is a master writer of poems/songs and apparently interested in little else. Through his gift of verse/song he was able to create his own abstract world.

Dylan an outsider

He looked at the outside world with his art - and took a 'photograph' of it. But he could not easily explain why there was a bird in the picture flying in the distance, even though he was aware of it as he took the photograph. He could see where it fitted in the picture and the soul within recognised its crucial relevance to the picture as a whole. For him, that was enough.

He could not articulate the relevance of that bird to those outside his world - or even (possibly) to those inside his world would render him as a loner, an outsider. There will always be parts of him the world will never see, nor understand.

autistic celebrities

As I could noticed in the documentary No Direction Home, Dylan is not the only autistic celebrity have been noticed.

Well it really seems that bob can be like other autistic individuals such as The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow ( Temple Grande), or the model heather kuzmich:See other people with AS


Anonymous said...

i believe he is autistic, by today's definition. There is certainly something different about him.

Anonymous said...
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