Nobel academy member says Bob Dylan's silence is 'impolite and arrogant'

A member of the Swedish Academy that awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in literature to Bob Dylan says the American singer-songwriter's silence since receiving the honor is 'impolite and arrogant.'

Per Wastberg said Dylan's lack of reaction to the honor the academy bestowed on him last week was predictable, but disrespectful nonetheless.

'One can say that it is impolite and arrogant. He is who he is,' Wastberg was quoted as saying in Saturday's edition of the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Wastberg said the academy still hopes to communicate with the 75-year-old artist, whose Nobel credits him with creating 'new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition'.

'We have agreed not to lift a finger. The ball lies entirely on his half,' Wastberg told the newspaper.

'You can speculate as much as you want but we don't.' He was not immediately available for comments.

The academy said it has failed to reach the tight-lipped laurea…

Proposed DSM-5 criteria for autism spectrum disorders

An individual must meet criteria A, B, C and D:
A.    Persistent deficits in social communication and social interaction across contexts, not accounted for by general developmental delays, and manifest by all 3 of the following: Deficits in social-emotional reciprocity; ranging from abnormal social approach and failure of normal back and forth conversation through reduced sharing of interests, emotions, and affect and response to total lack of initiation of social interaction.Deficits in nonverbal communicative behaviors used for social interaction; ranging from poorly integrated- verbal and nonverbal communication, through abnormalities in eye contact and body-language, or deficits in understanding and use of nonverbal communication, to total lack of facial expression or gestures.Deficits in developing and maintaining relationships, appropriate to developmental level (beyond those with caregivers); ranging from difficulties adjusting behavior to suit different social contexts through …

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Bob dylan: genius at work

Dylan is a master writer of poems/songs and apparently interested in little else. Through his gift of verse/song he was able to create his own abstract world. It's a pleasure to watch the genius at work, in a mere joyful construction of verses by observation of real world. See how easily he make all possible combinations between cigarettes, birds, place, dog and other elements that he just saw in a pet store. It's really savant way of expression because brings meaning to words and places who nobody would imagine before. It's sort of creativity which creates by transformations. Aspergers do it as usual. 

Bob Dylan's life and career autobiography

No Direction Home is a documentary film
No Direction Home is a documentary film by Martin Scorsese that traces the life of Bob Dylan, and his impact on 20th century American popular music and culture. In part II of Martin Scorsese's documentary on Bob Dylan: No Direction Home you can notice hints of what it might be considered bob dylan mildly autistic traits. Of course, No Direction Home is not the only media if you want to know Dylan's life. 

Bob Dylan's life on DVD and amazon books
Is absolutely essential addition to any Dylan aficionado's collection, buy some autobiography DVD's or books on amazon. If anyone is interested in Bob Dylan's life and career, check out his autobiography "Chronicles: Volume One", D.A. Pennebaker's "Don't Look Back"  &  "Eat The Document", Murray Lerner's "The Other Side of the Mirror: Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival" and Todd Hayne's "I'm Not There".


Documentary : bob dylan no direction home

Martin Scorsese that traces the life of Bob Dylan
No Direction Home is a documentary film by Martin Scorsese that traces the life of Bob Dylan, and his impact on 20th century American popular music and culture. It is two disk DVD set, about Bob Dylan career, but it  concentrates on the period between Dylan's arrival in New York in January 1961 and his "retirement" from touring, following his motorcycle accident in July 1966.

Other documentaries about bob dylan
There are other documentaries available on amazon store, who will might you lead to whole different understanding of bob dylan's life and carrer.

bob dylan  mildly autistic
In part II of Martin Scorsese's documentary on Bob Dylan:No Direction Home you can notice hints of what it might be considered bob dylan  mildly autistic traits. People in the internet are comenting about how he seemed to embrace messages from the outside world only if he could apply them to his autistic world. In the other hand he is extre…

Documentary about Asperger's Syndrome

David Jordan, who was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome, share
some info on what really AS means. He defines the syndrome as a social dislexy.
Also, Dr. Rita Honan, senior lecture on neurodevelopment disabilities explains
what is behind the social impairements in terms of brain development.