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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Heather Kuzmich: people with asperger

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Do you know Heather? She is aspeger (What is this syndrome? , gracefully, beautiful and top model. The following link shows a bit of her biografy and carreer Good reading...Well, Bob Dylan is mildly autist too.

Heather Kuzmich has the neurological disorder known as Asperger’s syndrome. She is socially awkward, has trouble making eye contact and is sometimes the target of her roommates’ jokes.But what makes the 21-year-old Ms. Kuzmich different from others with Asperger’s is that for the past 11 weeks, her struggle to cope with her disability has played out on national television.

Asperger’s Syndrome Gets a Very Public Face : Heather Kuzmich

Heather Kuzmich' Interview on Wrong Planet

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