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Betrayal of the Body

in psycholgy, if you cant name a pathology, well you may classify it as schizoid disturbe. Asperger is a good example of that. Not every physician knows what is AS disease. Despite of that, by only interpreating the symtons a good professional can treat it following schizoid pathology protocols. So, AS traits can be mapped to the schizoid model easily: lack of integration, lack of emotion response, lonnerness, desrealization, despersonalization, depression, anxiety, daydreaming, etc

There are other videos available on The Alexander Lowen Foundation's site

In The Betrayal of the Body, the book that established themind-body therapy of Bioenergetic Analysis, Dr. Alexander Lowen teaches how the conflict between the ego and the body produces splits in in the personality that affects all aspects of an individual's existence. The Betrayal of the Body teaches about the neurotic an schizoid personalities. Chapters include: The Schizoid Disturbance; The Problem of Identity; The Forsaken B…

Survival guide

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Well, how to cope with? Someone has think about it...

COPING: A SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR PEOPLE WITH ASPERGER SYNDROME These web pages are a copy of the book, 'Coping: A Survival Guide for People with Asperger Syndrome' by Marc Segar. This is a valuable piece of writing which is worthy of as wide a readership as possible.

Asperger's Syndrome Guidelines Treatment and Intervention by Ami Klin, Ph.D., and Fred R. Volkmar, M.D.Yale Child Study Center, New Haven, Connecticut

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♭.:*・Are you really a Geek?
♭.:*・Did you know you can be color blind text?!!!
♭.:*・Daniel Goleman lecture on google headquarters!
♭.:*・The Tesla COIL effect...

Antidepressant effect

Ghrelin is a hormone produced mainly by P/D1 cells lining the fundus of the human stomach and epsilon cells of the pancreas that stimulates appetite.[1] Ghrelin levels increase before meals and decrease after meals.

A study appearing in the journal Nature Neuroscience (June 15, 2008 online) suggests that the hormone might help defend against symptoms of stress-induced depression and anxiety.[23] To test whether ghrelin could regulate depressive symptoms brought on by chronic stress, the researchers subjected mice to daily bouts of social stress, using a standard laboratory technique that induces stress by exposing normal mice to very aggressive “bully” mice. Such animals have been shown to be good models for studying depression in humans. The researchers stressed both wild-type mice and altered mice that were unable to respond to ghrelin. They found that after experiencing stress, both types of mice had significantly elevated levels of ghrelin that persisted at least four weeks after …

Perspective taking

From Forum on Public Policy

Perspective taking is the ability to see things from a point of view other than one’s own. In describing perspective taking,

Moskowitz says: “We must be able to stand in the shoes of others, see the world through their eyes, empathize with what they are feeling, and attempt to think and react to the world in the same way that they think and react to the world.”1 Perspective taking is often referred to as or considered a part of the “theory of mind,” a concept introduced in 1978 by researchers Premack and Woodruff who tested chimpanzees to see if they understood that others had a different mind and point of view.2 Perspective taking, or theory of mind , is considered an important step in the cognitive development of children.

One of these skills that children develop that coincides with the development of their language skills is the skill of perspective taking. How exactly these two skills relate is currently a matter of debate among researcher. There is a str…

Mind Reading Software


'An adult or teenager with Asperger's syndrome who struggles to decipher facial expressions and their emotional link would find it valuable. I work in school using a joint working/consultative model and have to plan my use of the software carefully. I would have no hesitation in recommending this to teaching colleagues. The manual is simple and refreshed my approach to programme planning.' - Bulletin

'I am delighted that my acting might actually help people with autism learn to recognize how other people feel. It is wonderful that drama and special education can be combined in this exciting new software.'

- Daniel Radcliffe

Mind Reading is a unique reference work covering the entire spectrum of human emotions. It is available as a DVD-ROM and also as a set of CD-ROMs running on either a Windows or an Apple Macintosh computer. Using the software you can explore over 400 emotions, seeing and hearing each one performed by six different people. There are …

best course in Psycology ever!

Jeremy Wolf PhD'81 is one of the best, if not the best, lecturer at MIT. As long as he has been teaching Introduction to Psychology (9.00), it has been substantially oversubscribed. He has received consistent rave reviews in the Course Evaluation Guide (earning a 6.4 on a scale of 1-7 this year), earning the highest evaluation of any professor for a class that size.

The human brain is the most complex, sophisticated, and powerful information-processing device known.

To study its complexities, the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology combines the experimental technologies of neurobiology, neuroscience, and psychology, with the theoretical power that comes from the fields of computational neuroscience and cognitive science.

Since the field of brain and cognitive sciences is relatively young and extremely dynamic, there is no single text that encompasses the subject matter covered in most of the classes offered by the department. To edu…

tesla coil setup

She can best describe yourself:
A day with savoy cabbage is a good day. That’s because it is a thoroughly planned day. In my world such days are super good days. --Zitat

Since early childhood I felt different from all the people around.
I never felt any kind of belonging to them. By chance I learned about Asperger’s Syndrome. I knew at once: This people are like me. They share my feelings and think and experience like I do. Today I know for sure that I have the Asperger’s Syndrome.
I was diagnosed by Prof. Dr. Dr. Kai Vogeley from the university hospital in Cologne.
The day of my diagnosis was the fist day of my new life.
On November 2nd 2005 my life as an Asperger autistic woman began.

Persuasive Communication Workshop: Moving Between Metaphors

Insight from a 2007 Alumni Leadership Conference workshop presented by Stever Robbins '86 that shows how to influence decisions, sway opinion, and get what you want.