Betrayal of the Body

in psycholgy, if you cant name a pathology, well you may classify it as schizoid disturbe. Asperger is a good example of that. Not every physician knows what is AS disease. Despite of that, by only interpreating the symtons a good professional can treat it following schizoid pathology protocols. So, AS traits can be mapped to the schizoid model easily: lack of integration, lack of emotion response, lonnerness, desrealization, despersonalization, depression, anxiety, daydreaming, etc

There are other videos available on The Alexander Lowen Foundation's site

In The Betrayal of the Body, the book that established themind-body therapy of Bioenergetic Analysis, Dr. Alexander Lowen teaches how the conflict between the ego and the body produces splits in in the personality that affects all aspects of an individual's existence. The Betrayal of the Body teaches about the neurotic an schizoid personalities. Chapters include: The Schizoid Disturbance; The Problem of Identity; The Forsaken Body; The Psychology of Desperation; Illusion and Reality; Demons and Monsters. Understanding the importance of healing the mind-body split through the recovery of an emotionally fulfilling mind-body relationship is demonstrated with case studies.

Dr. Lowen passed away on October 28, 2008 at the age of 97.He was a great man who helped many with his pioneering techniques and optimistic attitude.


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