Back to writing. Let I talk about Spezify

After some time without writting any word, I'm ready to write down this new post.
The story couldn't be more interesting: A new search engine. I should say that not just new search engine, which is able to break the current web paradigm adopt by any search engine. It's not only how the information is obtained, selected, ordered that matters. What is important too is how it is actually displayed. It has the format of a collage with several videos, images, html pages, where the user experience a very dynamic metaphor. Welcome to S-P-E-Z-I-F-Y. If you are used to search for information about autim on internet, this link show you how spezify shows autism related information. You must agree that it's really a new perspective rather than old fashion way to show a list of links without much meaning, just orded by a crazy rank. What is more, Spezify seems to gives a more close view of autims than google or other search engines do. You know that sentense, a pictures worth a 1000 words. I would say, spezify worth 1000 pictures. It's not a trick with words, but its obvious by just taking a glance on the results you can have a very good broad ideia of the term or keyword that you are looking for.

So, use Spezify, I do!


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