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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hyperbaric chamber: An alternative treatment for autism

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An alternative treatment for autism is given a new hope for local couple for their child. So much about this disorder remains a mistery including what causes autism and that why parents and doctors are willing to try new treatments that could make a difference. The latest in this terapy is called the Hyperbaric Oxigen therapy.

Parents, John and Tricia Polchowski tried everything from medications to especialized diet their's sun john, diagnosed with autism at age two. This is a child they've told me would never talk and never had frieds.

One day some research on the web let they to a hyperbaric chamber. It almost looks like a enclosed tennis bag. It's like huge blue bullet and it has windows a lingle summary compressor attached to it he climbs inside with his blankets and his pillows

and once he is shot turns the compressor on and he felt the pressurized air.

Here is how it works, Hyperbaric therapy also knows as Hyperbaric Oxigen therapy uses increased atmosphere to allow the body to incorporate more oxygen on his bood cells therefore helping their brain. Take a look on this pictures, this first scan shows the brain of a child with autism.

The second shows increased brain activity after using the Hyperbaric chamber. This increase can be noticed in the regions colored with yellow. It's a significant improvement:

Polchowski decided they want to make this investment, but first they also wants to make sure jonh's pediatrician, Dr. David Topa, was on board:

"We want to make sure we had a good plan set up. Whereas we want to make sure: ok,if we gonna to make this any progress, we gonna document every more than see. You go slowly, and then you will came out with the new,ok. And it will be an autism treatment."

Almost every night for an hour john spends time in the chamber and after just a couple weeks the changes begin.

According to Tricia, john's language has exploded he now has many sentences that he can use. ... he is playing with the sentences, changing language around he now has many sentences.he went two or three words sentences to about 780 word sentences which is tremendous in 6 months!

Polchowski's also enlist of one or more researchs to help document the changes after all, this is just experimental its not a lot of evidence that it actually does works so even though even thought it has aparently worked for john it may not be right for all kids with autism.

No matter what, the Polchowski's are glad they took the chance teacher, friends, even family has all remarked about differences in john it is the potential the parents new was deep inside all along.

The cost of the chamber can cost up to 16000 dollars. Unfortunatelly, the

heath insurances doen't cover this sort of treatments.

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