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Thursday, March 26, 2009

❤ฺ  ฺ❤ฺ ฺ❤ฺ ฺ❤ฺ ฺ❤ฺ ฺShe is really foxy on Red House ❤ฺ  ฺ❤ฺ ฺ❤ฺ ฺ❤ฺ ฺ❤ฺ ฺ

(by Jimi Hendrix)

Recorded by the JHE in London at CBS Studios on Dec. 13, 1966. Mike Ross was the engineer. Jimi's first blues composition begins with 7th chord harmony heard at the start of Robert Johnson tunes like Dead Shrimp Blues(1936), King Hearted Woman(1936), and 32-30 Blues. But his urban solos are rooted more in performances like California Nights by Albert King (1962), and Louise by Robert Sumlin(1964), while Red House lyrics touch on images in the vain of The sky is Crying by Elmore James(1959). Cats I like now are Albert King and Elmore James, claimed Jimi. but if you try to copy them, want to play something note for note - especially a solo or a certain run that lasts over three seconds - your mind starts wandering. Therefore, you dig them and then do your own thing
This Red House originally appeared on the British AYE? album in 1967. Noel recalls, Red House was Jimi's way of using his musical roots, everything he knew and understood best,in a pop context. Billy Cox adds, "As far as I know, Red House didn't have any significance in reference to a particular person, place or thing. It was just a blues number that Jimi put together. There are recurring blues themes that are constantly sung about - a red rooster, a red light, a red house...you got your low-down dirty blues and your regular 'uptown' blues. Now, regular blues weren't that
suggestive; our parentes wouldn't unplug their radio on B.B King Sweet 16. But if you brought into the house of something like Hoochie Coochie Man or Big Leg Woman, or even Jimi Hendrix's Red House,you knon; if my baby don't have love me/I know your sister will, that's low-down blues, man where your morality is in jeopardy and you're subject to getting your radio pulled out or your recored broken!"

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