Craig Nicholls

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According to wikipedia(hehehe):
During a promotional show for Triple M radio, bass player Patrick Matthews walked off stage after Nicholls bleated at the audience and demanded that the crowd not talk during the performance. He said to the crowd,"Why the fuck are you laughing? You're all a bunch of sheep. Can't you go baa?".

Nicholls was even accused of kicking a photographer and charges were pressed. As a result, Patrick Matthews never played with The Vines again (he has since joined Youth Group) and Triple M banned The Vines from being played on their radio station indefinitely. Nicholls was accompanied by his brother Matt and his manager and friend Andy Kelly in Balmain Local Court in Sydney on 19 November 2004. There it was revealed that Nicholls had Asperger's Syndrome (What is this?) .


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