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What is autism

Autism is a set of neurodevelopmental conditions characterized by social interaction and communication difficulties, aswell as unusually narrow, repetitive interests (American Psychiatric Association 1994). Autism spectrum conditions (ASC) comprise at least four subgroups: high-, medium-, and lowfunctioning autism (Kanner 1943) and Asperger syndrome (AS) (Asperger 1991; Frith 1991). Individuals with AS have average or above average IQ and no language delay. In the other three autism subgroups there is invariably some degree of language delay, and the level of functioning is indexed by overall IQ. Individuals diagnosed on the autistic spectrum often exhibit a “triad of strengths”: good attention to detail, deep, narrow interest, and islets of ability (Baron-Cohen 2004).

Which Autism Diet?

How do you know which diet to choose. Betsy Hicks, Sueson Vess and Julie Matthews
show you the answers...
Three Autism Diet experts share advice at the Autism One Conference.

Weaknesses x Strengths

I did some research about asperger symdrome...Articles mainly, all from good respected american universities. I tried to remove all prejudice, but its really dificult in this matter. I collect some main weakness and strenths from the aspies.


1) Executive Skills
1.1) Verbal Fluency
1.2) Imaginary Creativity
1.3) Lack of Generalization
1.4) Lack of Cognitive Empathy
1.4.1) Describing and labeling emotions
1.4.2) Taking others perspective
2) Motor Skills
3) Dificulties on Decision Making
4) Concentration problems
5) Concept formation
6) Language difficulties
6.1) tendency to learn and subsequently reproduce unanalysed and poorly understood chunks of language.
6.2) inappropriate repetition
6.3) low level verbal abilities
6.4) repetitiveness and formulaicity
6.5 problems with temporal concepts, forthcoming with tense and aspect, syntagmatic relations, and d…